Tories are suing Mark Reckless for defecting, so he's crowdfunding legal fees

Did you hear about the Tories suing Mark Reckless for £3,000 on now useless 2015 general election leaflets?

Now, Mark Reckless has launched a sour-grapes crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the legal action.

The Rochester and Strood Constituency Conservative Association is demanding that the MP pays back £3,012 plus £185 in court costs, or risk face legal proceedings.


On a message on UKIP’s website, Reckless states: “On November 20th, you helped me establish a 7.3% majority over the Tories. Would you be willing to express your support for us and the voters of Rochester and Strood, by giving just £7.30 to help me deal with the sour grapes legal challenge from the Conservative Party?”

UKIP hasn’t revealed the amount Reckless has raised yet.

Do you think Reckless will be able to raise £3,000? Leave your comments below…

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