Top Conservative donors to throw £5m at pro-Brexit campaign after government’s pro-EU leaflet

Some donors are “incandescent” with rage over Cameron’s leaflet

Lots of people are angry with David Cameron’s decision to spend millions of pounds on a pro-EU leaflet which outlines the government’s position on the EU ahead of the referendum in June.

Cameron’s decision did not come cheap. The government has spent £9.3m of taxpayers’ money to send pro-EU leaflets to every home in the UK.

In response, a cabal of major Conservative donors are clubbing together to fund a campaign to present the other side of the argument.

According to the Telegraph, the Midlands Industrial Council – a collection of businessmen that have given significant donations to the Conservative Party for over 20 years – is planning to spend between £4m and £5m on a pro-Brexit campaign.

Midlands Industrial Council secretary David Wall said members of the council are “incandescent with rage”.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Wall said that five members of the council, have already put around £500,000 into the Brexit campaign, but added that he thought the figure would rise to between £4m and £5m.

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