Tony Blair to be “eased out” of role as Middle East peace envoy

He gave peace a chance, it didn’t work out

Tony Blair is to be “eased out” of his position as Middle East peace envoy amid claims he had “no credibility” left.

After holding the position for eight years, US concerns over his poor relationship with senior Palestinian officials as well as his expansive business portfolio have made Blair’s position untenable, the FT reports.

A former US government official told the Telegraph: “All sides just rolled their eyes at the mention of his name.”

During a round of peace negotiations in 2013, which eventually broke down, Blair was supposed to work alongside US secretary of state John Kerry. During this period he became a “standing joke”, the former senior official said.

“He showed up, but was not effective,” he added. “Honestly, when the Kerry negotiations were going on, it was like he’d wait until Kerry was going to be in the region and show up at the same time and then do press releases. It was sort of unseemly.”

According to the FT, a person close to the Obama administration said: “Tony Blair is neither an asset nor a liability but his current role is no longer viable.”

Blair’s office is yet to comment on the news.

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  • Blair's role as Middle East peace envoy has been a bad joke from day one, considering that most of the problems there date from his and Bush's Iraq war. But he has no shame.

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  • How could anyone have ever expected a war criminal who started an illegal war to have any credibility with the Palestinians?

    The only surprise here is that he was ever eased into the role in the first place.

    I still cling to the faint hope of one day seeing him in the dock at The Hague, answering for his crimes.

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