Tony Blair says he’s not "super-rich" - here’s why you shouldn't believe him

The former PM charges £250,000 for public speaking appearances

Bring on the violins for Tony Blair everybody. He has, for the zillionth time, claimed that he’s far from being “super-rich”.

This is despite the former PM charging £250,000 for all his public speaking appearances. Which is more than nine times the average UK salary.

In an interview with Newsweek magazine, Blair said: “Am I better off than most people? Yeah, I’m very lucky. Am I in the league of the super-rich? Absolutely not, though you will have to make up your own mind about that.”

Last year, Blair was named Blair was named “Philanthropist of the Year” by GQ Magazine provoking outrage in the Twittersphere, while Save The Children awarded him a ‘global legacy award’ for his work in Africa, provoking a similar response.

So exactly how rich is Tony Blair? Let’s take a look:

1. An £8m Buckinghamshire mansion

Tony Blair's Bucks home

Previously owned by legendary theatre actor Sir John Gielgud, Blair’s Buckinghamshire mansion is now worth a whopping £8m.

In addition to this, the Blairs also paid £600,000 in cash for a three-bedroom cottage in Buckinghamshire for Tony’s sister Sarah.

2. London homes

In 2004, the Blairs bought a five-storey Georgian townhouse worth a cool £8m .

According to various media reports, Blair forked out £800,000 for a mews house behind his west London home which was later linked to the main house.

In 2013, meanwhile, he bought a £1.35m four-storey Georgian property in central London for his son Nicky.

The Blairs also bought a £3.62m mews property for son Euan and a £1.2m mews property for daughter Kathyrn.

3. Fee for private speeches and appearances: £250,000

The former PM is known to charge a whopping £250,000 for public appearances. In 2013, Blair reportedly pocketed “£150,000 for just an hour’s speech” for an event hosted in Dubai by the Arabian Business magazine.

4. Advisory roles: £3m a year

Blair is reportedly paid £2m a year for his advisory role at JP Morgan and £1m for Swiss insurer Zurich International.

5. Cherie Blair earns £1,000 an hour in new deal

In August 2014, it was reported that Cherie Blair earns £1,000 an hour advising the Kazakh government through her law firm Omnia Strategy. She holds a short-term contract to review Kazakhstan’s “bilateral investment treaties”, the first phase of which is worth £120,000 and the next stage worth between £200,000 and £250,000.

6. Blair’s businesses raked in £14m last year

In 2014, accounts for Blair’s Windrush Ventures showed that the company reported a turnover of more than £14m. More than £5m was held in cash by the company and £5.4m held in shareholders’ funds.

Accounts for Blair’s other company, Firerush Ventures, showed the company had almost £1m in cash and £680,000 in shareholders’ funds.


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  • Anonymous

    Perhaps for balance you should do an article on just how rich our current prime minister is?

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  • Michael Smith

    The numbers you are talking about classify him as rich but not 'super-rich'. There is nothing in your figures that suggest he has an annual income of more than $9.5M which is the definition of 'super-rich'.

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  • The moot question: Is he happier now than he was as a prime minister and a statesman steering this great nation to prosperity?

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  • Steered this great nation to disaster more like with the Iraq war, unlimited immigration and financial extravagance increasing the cost of the NHS from 37 billion to over 100 billion

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  • Anonymous

    Tony Blair was leader of a party that has among its stated aims which it perceives to be a fairer society and this includes a redistribution of wealth. Perhaps Mr Blair would like to demonstrate his sincerity by giving a few million to charities to help those less fortunate than himself.

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