Three reasons Jeremy Corbyn could actually win the Labour leadership contest

As we get closer to the deadline for votes, the underdog is suddenly looking very strong

1. Liz Kendall has fallen to last place as Corbyn rises

The bookies put Corbyn at 100/1 when he first entered the leadership contest but he’s now at a convincing 5/1. He overtook Liz Kendall, the candidate generally considered the least left-wing of the four, who at one point had very short odds of 6/4, but is currently at 8/1. So it looks as though the money is starting to favour Corbyn.

2. David Cameron gave him advice on winning the leadership election

According to reports, the prime minister bumped into Corbyn in the House of Commons and advised the Labour candidate to consider taking inspiration from Cameron’s defeat of David Davis during the Conservative party leadership election in 2005. The PM said: “You have got to be the change candidate – I was the outsider.” Perhaps Cameron sees the underdog as a more favourable opponent than Andy Burnham or Yvette Cooper.

3. The Tories are voting for Corbyn

A comment piece in the Daily Telegraph hyperbolically entitled “How you can help Jeremy Corbyn win – and destroy the Labour Party” has received a lot of traction. Many Conservatives have been urging people to pay £3 to register to vote for Corbyn, believing the hard left candidate has no way of winning a General Election. “Sign up today to make sure the bearded socialist voter-repellent becomes the next Labour leader - and dooms the party forever,” the article reads. A private poll seen by the New Statesman is even now putting Corbyn on top.


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  • Lets hops he losses, if he wins then Labour and an effective opposition will be lost in the world of left wing insanity for a long time! Labour needs to move more to the centre if it ever wants to win a general election.

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