Thousands of people are protesting the government as the Queen opens parliament

Anti-Tory protesters hit the streets again today

Nearly 10,000 people could take to Trafalgar Square and Westminster today in two separate protests in opposition to the Conservative government.

Protesters are using the slogan “Five more years of this sh*t? No f*cking way!” to demonstrate against the government’s plans for spending cuts, including £12bn in cuts to welfare.

Hannah Sketchley, a spokeswoman for the Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) told the Guardian: “Democracy doesn’t end at the ballot box and it never ever has,” she said. “If people had said that to women in 1900 then looking back we would think they were very short-sighted to say the least.”

Most protesters are hoping for a peaceful event, however, last time a large anti-government rally was held on 8 May, a total of 15 people were arrested.

Yesterday, Scotland Yard said it hadn’t been contacted by the organisers of the protest.


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