This survey proves people don’t want to be friends with UKIP voters

A quarter of people would find it hard to be friends with a UKIP supporter, according to a poll.

The YouGov survey for The Times newspaper asked: “How would you feel if a good friend of yours became a supporter of the UK Independence Party (UKIP)?”

About 24% of nearly 2,000 people said “I would disagree and would find it harder to be friends with them”, with the negative sentiment for UKIP most common among 42% of Lib Dem voters and 40% of Labour voters.

The poll asked the same question about all the political parties, with 7% of people saying they would be put off their friends if they became Conservative party supporters.

Labour supporters were the least likely to lose their friends, with only 3% of people saying they’d find it harder to be friends with them, followed by the Green party with 4% and the Lib Dems with 5%.

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Readers' comments (4)

  • Anonymous

    I would find it very difficult to be friends with a Liberal Democrat and impossible to be in the same room as a Green. Ukip voters are a mix of ex Tory and Labour voters who want out of the EU. How bad can they be?

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  • This survey implies one very interesting fact - it appears that Tory voters are a lot less judgemental of their friends and are more tolerant. Perhaps the 'nasty' people are not who you think they are?

    Irrespective of your political views this is a very important trait for democracy.

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  • "Anonymous" (notice how these people never want to admit who they are?) asks the question "How bad can they be?"

    The answer - very, very bad indeed.

    Slashing the welfare state
    Privatising the NHS
    Removing the UK from the Human Rights Act (along with Belarus, the only EU country to do so)
    Renewing Trident
    Pro-imperial teaching of history in British schools

    Need I go on?

    Any disaffected Labour voters thinking of voting UKIP need to WAKE THE F**K UP!!!!

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  • UKIP are not very bad indeed. What is very bad indeed are the lies and intolerance coming out of the establishment and the Left about anything UKIP does or doesn't do or say.

    As for the list of "evils" above:

    slashing the welfare state - NOT UKIP policy.

    privatising the NHS - NOT UKIP policy.

    scrapping Human Rights Act - (to replace it with a British Bill of Rights, based on British Law and tradition and interpreted by British judges. Also popular in the Tory party. Merely a reaffirmation of national sovereignty) = GOOD policy

    renewing Trident - actually good value over 40 years. If we want to retain a credible nuclear deterrent and major power status = GOOD policy

    pro-imperial teaching in schools - not current UKIP policy, but since a clear majority of the British people still (rightly) believe the Empire is something to be proud of, and it is damaging and misleading to promote needless guilt over an important part of our history = GOOD policy

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