This German comedian explains the truth about Britain’s relationship with the EU – it’s painful (but hilarious)

He’s right (loath as we are to admit it)

Germans are not known for their sense of humour – but they really should be.

After all, if you’re Europe’s economic powerhouse, it’s got to be hard to laugh as countries such as Greece soak up all your savings. And yet our efficient cousins always seem to manage to get some good jokes out of it (see this German video about Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis).

This time the Germans have turned their attention to the Brexit – the British exit from the EU – which we in the business community know is casting a shadow over Britain like a dangerous spectre.

The subject is dealt with hilariously on ZDF channel’s Heute Show, a political comedy programme in the style of a US late-night satirical show The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Host Oliver Welke rips into the British, amusingly explaining how we already get a much better deal from the EU than most countries.

“They pay less fees, are allowed to have real money instead of Euros, one special treatment after another,” he says.


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