These 33 countries have better press freedom than the UK

We’re behind Jamaica, Slovakia, Namibia, Uruguay, Suriname, Lithuania…

The UK has fallen to its worst position since records began for freedom of the press.

We’re now 34th in the world, having dropped one place from last year, according to Reporters Without Borders.

The organisation tracked press freedom in 180 countries, measuring how easy it was to administrate a media company, how much officials and authorities interfered with the company, how equal the hiring process was and how well it reflected the diverse audience, hate speech and physical attacks on journalists, bribery, corruption and editorial independence – among other things.

Reporters Without Borders found the more economically stable a country was, generally the more free the press was. However, while wealthier countries were generally better than poorer ones, oil exporting countries such as Saudi Arabia, Russia and Iran had some of the worst press freedoms.

On the other hand, some poorer countries fared very well. Niger, the world’s least developed country according to the UN, came 47th. However, poverty was seen as a general handicap to freedom.

Here are all the countries which were recorded as having better press freedom than the UK.

  • 1 Finland
  • 2 Norway
  • 3 Denmark
  • 4 Netherlands
  • 5 Sweden
  • 6 New Zealand
  • 7 Austria
  • 8 Canada
  • 9 Jamaica
  • 10 Estonia
  • 11 Ireland
  • 12 Germany
  • 13 Czech Republic
  • 14 Slovakia
  • 15 Belgium
  • 16 Costa Rica
  • 17 Namibia
  • 18 Poland
  • 19 Luxembourg
  • 20 Switzerland
  • 21 Iceland
  • 22 Ghana
  • 23 Uruguay
  • 24 Cyprus
  • 25 Australia
  • 26 Portugal
  • 27 Liechtenstein
  • 28 Latvia
  • 29 Suriname
  • 30 Belize
  • 31 Lithuania
  • 32 Andorra
  • 33 Spain


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