The SNP said it would vote on an issue that only affects England. Here's why

And this is the issue they chose to vote on

When the SNP came into power in Scotland, the party pledged only to vote on issues that affected Scotland or the UK as a whole.

It was seen as a compromise and a means of stopping the Conservatives pushing through a measure called English Votes for English Laws (EVEL), which aimed to ban Scottish MPs from voting on England-only issues.

However, two months after the election and that promise is already broken.

The SNP has said it would vote on the issue of fox hunting when it was tabled to be raised in the Commons this week. The party said it was steadfastly against fox hunting and wanted to help block the Tories from relaxing the ban.

Fox hunting is banned in Scotland and measures are currently being considered by the Scottish government to make the ban even stricter.

It seems this show of strength from the party was enough to get the message across as the government has since decided to cancel the vote, perhaps after realising a majority would be impossible to achieve.

Arrogant UK government

Before the vote was cancelled, SNP Westminster Group Leader Angus Robertson MP said: “We are in a situation where the Tory government are refusing to agree to any amendments to improve the Scotland Bill - which are supported by 58 of Scotland’s 59 MPs - and imposing English Votes for English Laws to make Scotland’s representation at Westminster second class.

“In these circumstances, it is right and proper that we assert the Scottish interest on fox hunting by voting with Labour against the Tories’ proposals to relax the ban - in the process, reminding an arrogant UK government of just how slender their majority is - just as we will vote against the Tory welfare cuts next week, and appeal to Labour to join us.”


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  • If SNP believe in democracy, how can they even consider voting on English only matters. They have just lost any moral high ground they might have had.

    Time for EVEL - now!

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