The public overwhelmingly thinks the Green Party should be included in the general election TV debates

The vast majority of the British public think the Green Party should be included in the TV leaders’ debates.

There are three planned debates before the general election which will be televised on ITV, the BBC and Channel 4 in partnership with Sky News.

Broadcasters have said David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage should be included in at least one debate but have been criticised for excluding Natalie Bennett, the Green Party leader.

The poll by ICM shows 79% of the public want Bennett included in the debates.

Here’s the breakdown of support for the Green Party being included from each party’s voters:

  • Conservative 62%
  • UKIP 70%
  • Lib Dems 86%
  • Labour 82%

The public were asked: “You may have seen or heard that ITV has announced proposals for a televised leaders’ debate in the runup to the 2015 general election which is likely to be held in May next year. ITV currently propose to invite the leaders of the Conservative party, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and Ukip to participate, but not the leader of the Green party. Do you think that the leader of the Green party should or should not also be invited to join in the ITV leaders’ debate?”

A petition to include the Greens in at least one of the debates has attracted 273,000 signatures, while the party has threatened legal action against the broadcasters.

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