The Labour Party has just launched its manifesto - here are 8 vital policies you need to know about

We give you a quick overview

Nobody actually reads manifestos, do they? Even if you manage to get your hands on one, you’re likely to just skim the bits that interest you most.


Miliband has promised a “party of change and responsibility”, saying no extra borrowing would be needed to implement the manifesto’s measures.

The manifesto even explains where the money will come from for each measure - we asked voters whether this would change their minds about trusting Labour with the economy.

Here’s an overview of what’s in Labour’s manifesto, which is being released today:

-        MPs will not be allowed to hold directorships of companies

-        No media outlet will get too big

-        Freezing energy bills until 2017

-        Freezing rail fares until 2016

-        Protecting tax credits

-        Raising the minimum wage to more than £8 by October 2019

-        Promise not to raise the basic or higher rate of income tax, National Insurance or VAT

-        Introduction of a National Primary Childcare Service

Here’s the manifesto in full.

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  • so MPs will be even more disconnected from real lifenand commerce

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  • Anonymous

    I can remember hearing the same claptrap in 1997 from Tony Blair and Gordon Brown about "no more boom and bust" stating that Labour would manage the national finances competently. In the event they massively increased the size of the state and created crippling debts for future generations to repay - and with nothing to show for it. If Miliband and Balls get the chance they will do more of the same and bring the country to its knees as was the case in 1979. People must have very short memories if they believe what is being offered.

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