The Labour Party has caught and banned 1,200 fake supporters

But how many supporters does Labour have?

There’s a controversial movement at the moment in the Conservative Party where members are registering as Labour supporters for £3 and voting for Jeremy Corbyn, in the hopes of throwing the party out of whack.

But it seems that plan is backfiring (besides the fact that Jeremy Corbyn has actually become the most popular candidate in some polls), as Labour is discounting the registrations from anyone it identifies as not supporting Labour’s aims and values.

So far, Labour has excluded 1,200 people who registered to vote in the leadership election and it plans to keep doing so, even after the ballots close. This means the party has so far raised £3,600 from people dishonestly claiming to be supporters - a figure which is likely to rise.

A Labour source told LondonLovesBusiness the party will continue to verify its supporters throughout August and September and cancel ballot papers even after people have voted.

A rough count yesterday showed the Labour Party has more than 400,000 supporters - made up of members, affiliated supporters (people who donate to the party via their trade union membership) and registered supporters (those who have paid £3 to vote in the leadership elections).

Labour Party supporters


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