Support for UKIP among young people has DOUBLED in just a year

The far-right party has struck a chord with the young recently

Support for the largest two parties has dropped spectacularly in the last year among young people, and smaller parties such as UKIP are scooping up a lot of support.

Labour has remained the most popular party among Generation Y – those born between 1980 and 2000 – while UKIP’s support has doubled in just a year from 2.4% to 5.6% of the vote.

This moving graph, made with data from Ipsos Mori, shows how support has changed between 2013 and 2014.

Party support gif


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  • Anonymous

    They are only a 'far right party' if you happen to be a left wing biased journalist. To their supporters, including a lot of young voters as you acknowledge and former Labour voters, they are increasingly making a lot of sense. Of course the left wing, EU loving media have gone into overdrive trying to smear them and focusing on a few of their members expressing personal views which are not reflective of their party policy.

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  • Ukip is the common sense party.

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  • Anonymous

    I hardly think it's that they have struck a cord, more that people are becoming further disillusioned by the big two parties. Surprised to see the Lib Dems doing that well - probably more of a headline TBH

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  • ''They are only a 'far right party' if you happen to be a left wing biased journalist.''

    The first thing leftists do when they get into journalism is indulge their diabolical propaganda and smear. It's frightening that they don't even attempt to hide their bias or intellectual dishonesty any more.

    Robyn is typical of this and Head of Propaganda seems to be her sole job at London Loves.

    If only these people knew the trouble they are causing and have already caused with the complete nut-bag dogmatism. I don't believe they're all psychopathic, so if they did get over themselves and were to see clearly what happens, and is happening, to a society decimated by partisan journalism - and the kind of propagandising that Joseph Goebbels would salivate over - I'm sure they'd get real and join the real world again. But getting a person to that kind of clarity and intellectual honesty is no easy task. Especially dyed-in-the-wool leftist ideologues.

    Right now, their naivety, their hate towards any opposing view-point and their disinformation, as well as their mis-education of the public is reeking havoc and ruin; leading only to more conflict and division.

    We should be lucky that those voters are moving to UKIP and not an actual 'Far-Right' party.

    The Left today are nothing more than a damaging ideological cult. A dangerous one that unfortunately still hold most of the power in the media. This situation gives hacks like Robyn carte blanch to propagate childish nonsense like UKIP being a 'Far-Right' party.

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  • "The far-right party has struck a chord with the young recently"

    Hardly - UKIP's support is still less than one in ten amongst this group.

    As for @John Gleeson - UKIP are certainly a far-right party, and despite your hatred of the left, they are still the most popular party amongst this group by far.

    When people in the UK vote for policies, not parties, they are overwhelmingly left-wing.

    Check out

    So far, of the tens of thousands of people who have used the site, when voting for policies not parties, not one single constituency votes for the Tories or UKIP, and only one votes for the LibDems.

    Everyone else votes for the policies of the Green Party, Labour and the SNP.

    So far from being a "damaging ideological cult", left-wing policies are what the people of this country actually want.

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