Someone put the four main party leaders on Tinder and all we want to know is who got the most right-swipes

It’s about time we found out which of the titillating leaders is most desirable

Which of the four main party leaders is the sexiest? No, don’t answer right away. There’s now a definitive ranking, courtesy of BetFair.

The bookies teamed up with the popular dating app Tinder and set up profiles for David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage, using pictures of the party leaders back when they were sprightly 26-years old.

The company then “swiped right” on 100 people a day for five days and measured how many people reciprocated – an indication the user is interested in the tasty politician behind the profile.

The accounts featured photographs of the party leaders with a couple of lines about themselves.

Tinder party leaders

Blue-eyed siren David Cameron came out as the favourite, receiving 257 matches.

He was closely followed by cheeky Ed Miliband who got 223 matches in his seductive round-framed specs.

Perhaps surprisingly, considering he’s slept with “no more than 30 women”, heartthrob Nick Clegg came in third with 172 matches. But we think his picture was slightly unflattering and didn’t do the beguiling MP justice.

Tinder’s least favourite hunk was Nigel Farage, with just 112 matches, but we’re putting that down to that users couldn’t hear the his sensual husky voice.

As you’d expect from single twentysomethings, the lads managed to get a bit of banter from the Tindersphere, including a memorable “Sup nige, how about ‘ukip’ at mine ;)”.

Tinder party leaders

Tinder party leaders

Tinder party leaders

Tinder party leaders

Thankfully this isn’t anywhere close to a scientific prediction of the general election though, as we hope the date-ability of the leaders doesn’t play much part in how likely they are to be voted for. (Otherwise, Zac Goldsmith would be running the country, amirite?!)

If you had to – I mean, if you *really* had to – which party leader would you pick? Tell us on Facebook or in the comments below.


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