Socialist Jeremy Corbyn will actually get his dream bicycle thanks to crowdfunders

The MP is set to have a very happy birthday

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is in line to receive his dream bicycle for his birthday, after a crowdfunding campaign for him raised more than £2,800.

In an interview with Stylist magazine earlier this week, Corbyn had said his “ultimate object of desire” was a Raleigh Criterium bicycle, valued at £475.

Describing it as a great all-rounder, he said the bike was good for a beginner as well as someone more experienced, and joked about how he suspected it would outlast his Labour Party leadership.

However, the MP, who is well-known for cycling around London, was ridiculed in the right-wing press for what readers could only assume was the crime of coveting a relatively inexpensive bicycle while being a “socialist”. The original article in the Telegraph was then bafflingly amended to remove the word “socialist”.

Despite this criticism, it seems Corbyn’s wish is about to come true thanks to 1,173 crowdfunders on the “Let’s get Jez his dream bike!” page who have so far pledged a combined £2,810 in less than a day.

The tagline for the campaign reads: “Let’s annoy the right wing press and buy Jeremy Corbyn his dream bike for his birthday.”

Comments by donors include the mildly heartwarming: “Wishing you a very happy birthday Jeremy . May these wheels speed you along the highways and byways of Britain, on your heroic quest of building us all a better future. And don’t forget to stop for some well-earned picnics on the way!”

London Loves Business can only imagine the look of glee on the leader of the opposition’s face come 26 May when he unwraps his birthday gift and pedals up and down the street outside his house, as is customary.



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  • Anonymous

    Contribute to a bike for that non-person. I'd rather buy a pit bull a new collar (& I hate those) than give anything to that grovelling non entity.

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