SNP MPs have pledged to donate their massive pay rise to charity

We <3 the SNP right now

There’s something really joyful about the influx of SNP members of the House of Commons. Putting politics aside, it’s a genuine treat to have a bunch of new MPs who have thus far spent most of their lives far outside the Westminster bubble and view the whole thing through a veil of realism.

This morning, many SNP MPs have said they’ll be donating their 10% pay rise (the increase all MPs are getting) to charity.

The party has no official policy about donating the money as it is automatically added to the MP’s pay packet, a spokesman told, however, it’s thought most of the party’s MPs have agreed to give it to charity.

The SNP said: “Salaries are set and paid independently, so it is simply not possible for MPs not to receive them. While it is up to individual members how they decide to use their parliamentary salaries, the SNP understands there will be concern that Ipsa have awarded this increase at a time of continuing austerity when other workers in both the public and private sectors are getting only modest pay rises, or none at all.”

SNP MP Martyn Day said he would be giving the extra cash to charity. He said: “There is nothing you can do to stop it being paid to you, but what you do with it is up to you. We have taken a very strong line on austerity and we expect our members to do something socially conscious with it.”

He said it wouldn’t end up being a lot of money after tax but it could support some causes in his constituency.

“There are a lot of ordinary wee groups who, if you gave them £100, could make a big difference,” he said.


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