Sadiq Khan tightens grip on City Hall with eight-point lead over Zac Goldsmith

But the race is “far from over”, according to pollsters

There are just four weeks until Londoners head out to select and elect their new mayor. And the polls indicate that at the moment, Labour MP for Tooting Sadiq Khan is leading the race.

A new poll by Opinium for the Evening Standard shows that Khan has extended his lead over Goldsmith, particularly in inner London.

Khan now leads the first preference votes by eight points over Goldsmith and the poll also indicates he has increased his second preference votes as well.

But Goldsmith still leads the second preference vote with 31% saying he’d be their second choice, to Khan’s 23%.

Goldsmith has also seen support increase in outer London areas.

Opinium head of political polling Adam Drummond said: “While Sadiq Khan has a growing lead in the first round, Zac Goldsmith appears to be doing better among second preferences than before and to be gaining ground on who Londoners trust to handle key issues.

“The race is far from over.”

The poll put Lib Dem candidate Caroline Pidgeon and UKIP’s Peter Whittle on 3% of the overall vote, the Green Party’s Siân Berry at 2%, and George Galloway at 1%.

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