Sadiq Khan allegedly called voters “b*stards”. When else have politicians’ potty mouths been revealed?

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Following his party’s defeat on election night, Sadiq Khan allegedly said “voters are b*stards” when addressing the Battersea Labour Party.

Khan held onto his seat, growing his majority, and is now standing as a mayoral candidate for Labour. Read our interview with him here.

Describing the electorate as “b*stards” on a highly charged election night isn’t that bad in the grand history of political outbursts. Many politicians have said much worse things. Have a look at this rag-bag of flipping mother-flippers:

Politician: Boris Johnson

Expletive(s) employed: “F*cking”, “b*llocks”

What happened? In 2012, seeking a second term as Mayor of London, Boris Johnson dismissed allegations put to him by the BBC that he was considering commercial sponsorship from News International, as “f*cking b*llocks”, live on lunchtime TV.


Politician: John Prescott

Expletive(s) employed: “F*cking”

What happened? During an interview with the BBC’s Nick Robinson in 2005, the then Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott was caught mouthing the words “f*cking pillock”, at Robinson, after the journalist had asked him about his party’s policies.


Politician: David Cameron

Expletive(s) employed: “Tw*t”, “p*ssed”, “effing”

What happened? Our prime minister is not one to worry much about swearing. Back in the heady days of 2009, Cameron uttered not one, but two swear words live on air. Firstly, talking about his dislike of Twitter, Cameron said, “too many twits might make a twat”, he then rounded it off by saying that the public was “p*ssed off” with politicians. More recently, during the Scottish referendum, he pleaded with Scots not to vote Yes just to kick out the “effing Tories”.


Politician: John Major

Expletive(s) employed: “B*stards”

What happened? In 1993, after alleged disloyalty by three party members, the then Prime Minister John Major described the trio as “a shower of b*stards”. Unfortunately, ITV was there and caught it all on camera.


Politician: Tony Blair

Expletive(s) employed: “F*cking”

What happened? According to Blair’s spin doctor Lance Price, in 1999, upon a poor performance in the Welsh Assembly elections, Blair uttered a resigned “f*cking Welsh”. This is also a bit xenophobic too.


Politician: Nick Herbert

Expletive(s) employed: “F*ckwit”

What happened? Last year on BBC2’s Daily Politics show, Conservative MP Nick Herbert used the term “f*ckwit”, when quoting someone describing Home Secretary Theresa May.


Did they really?

In addition to the recorded occurrences above, some remain contentious.

Here are two examples of alleged swearing, that landed various parties in hot water.

Politician: Andrew Mitchell

Expletive(s) allegedly employed: “F*cking”, “f*cking, “f*cking”

What happened? This is the famous Plebgate Affair. In September 2012, a police officer who made Mitchell dismount his bicycle to leave Downing Street, alleged that the former chief whip had said to him: “Best you learn your f*cking place. You don’t run this f*cking government. You’re f*cking plebs.”

Mitchell contested this version of events in court, eventually losing. Nonetheless he did admit saying, “I thought you guys were supposed to f*cking help us.”


Politician: Anna Soubry

Expletive(s) allegedly employed: “c*nts”

What happened? During filming of a BBC documentary in the House of Commons, Anna Soubry was caught on camera shouting something at Ed Miliband. What comes out is something that sounds very much like “sanctimonious c*nts”. It sounds so much like it, that the Labour party demanded an apology and the BBC cut the footage from the documentary. However, Soubry maintains that she was shouting “sanctimonious rubbish”.

She is no stranger to controversy, also once saying live on morning television that Nigel Farage looks like “someone’s put their finger up his bottom”.


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