Revealed: Tony Blair's £41,000-a-month secret contract to help Saudi oil firm

There is much speculation on former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s company Tony Blair Associates (TBA). Questions range from “How much does he earn?”, “Who does he deal with?” to “Did he really help a Kazakh dictator?”.

Now details of a contract negotiated by Blair have been revealed for the first time.

According to the Sunday Times, Blair signed a secret contract with Saudi oil company PetroSaudi worth £41,000 a month. Blair also received 2% commission on deals he advised on.

A PetroSaudi source told the paper: “[Blair] has got deep ties to the Middle East and that is how we got to know him. We know a lot of people in common and they put us in touch. It was a confidential engagement to help us develop business in China.”

A spokesperson for Blair said: “Tony Blair Associates worked for PetroSaudi for a period of months over four years ago.

“This was in connection with an issue in the Far East and nothing whatsoever to do with the Middle East or the unpaid ex-officio role of Tony Blair for the Quartet in Palestine.

“TBA has had no involvement in Malaysia and has no knowledge of the matter.”

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  • Anonymous

    Do you actually have any of your own news or do you just regergitate stories you read in other newspapers? Good luck to Tony Blair. It's seems unfashionable to say it these days but he represented our country very well for ten years. He's no longer in government. What he does now as part of a private business is no more than anyone would do.

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  • Anonymous

    Good Luck to Tony Blair indeed. He is now benefiting from his dedication and commitment for starting his illegal and disgraceful crusade in engineering the war in Iraq. He and his mate George Bush are almost entirely responsible for the current destabilised Middle East.

    Good to see he is actually making money out of the Middle East - was that his long term plan?

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  • Anonymous

    The only reason Iraqis weren't killing each other before was that they were too busy being massacred and tortured by Saddam. So you can hardly say they engineered the outcome for their own benefit.

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