Rebekah Brooks' husband Charlie to stand as UKIP candidate next year, in snub to Cameron

David Cameron’s chum Charlie Brooks is set to shake hands with Nigel Farage and stand as a UKIP candidate at next year’s general election.

The news comes after Brooks, former News International chief Rebekah Brooks’ husband, said he was “disappointed” by Cameron’s comments during the phone-hacking scandal.

He said: “I was a little bit disappointed when he [Cameron] commented in parliament on whether Rebekah should resign or not because I didn’t really feel he had all of the facts at his finger tips to comment on that.”

Nigel Farage is likely to welcome Brooks into his party with open arms.

The UKIP leader told the Daily Mail: “We attended lunch after the debate and enjoyed a drink and a chat. If Charlie applies, then we’ll consider it.”

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