Pollsters at loggerheads over election outcome

Ashcroft points to Tory majority, while Populus puts Miliband in Number 10

The latest polls aren’t providing any one party with much comfort a week ahead of the general election.

Over the weekend, polls by Lord Ashcroft and by Populus have given divergent outcomes.

Populus has consistently put Labour ahead of the Tories, and this is true in their latest poll, which puts Labour on 36%, Conservatives 33%, Lib Dems 8%, UKIP 14% and Greens 5%.

Meanwhile, the Lord Ashcroft polls point to a secure future for Cameron, with polling pointing to a Tory majority.

The latest Ashcroft poll puts the Tories on 36%, Labour 30%, Lib Dems 9%, UKIP 11% and Greens 7%.

Meanwhile, the daily YouGov/Sun poll yesterday had Labour inching ahead on 35%, Conservatives 34%, Lib Dems 9%, UKIP 12% and Green 4%.

And finally, a poll by research firm TNS put the Tories ahead by one point yesterday with 34%. Labour were on 33%, Lib Dems 7%, UKIP 15%, Greens 5%.

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