"Please help. I look like Trump" - Americans' funniest online searches for Trump revealed

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With U.S. President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office this Sunday, new search trends analysis research today reveals the top twenty funniest online searches from Americans relating to their new President.  

Captify, a search intelligence driven advertising technology company, which analyses 33bn online monthly searches, unveils these top twenty searches, based off analysing search volume for “Trump” since he became the country’s 45th president.

Funniest Online Searches Relating To President Trump

1Can the Queen of England kill Trump with a sword?
2Is Donald Trump going to make America great again. Is he?
3Please help. I look like Trump
4Can I call my baby Trump?
5How is Trump’s wife so pretty?
6How to get my cat to look like Trump?
7Has Trump been abducted for a lookalike?
8What shade of orange is Donald Trump?
9Does Trump’s backside stick out when he runs?
10Who would win Hulk or Trump?
11Donald Trump’s skincare routine
12Donald Trump hair tutorials
13Specific reasons for Melania marrying Trump
14Frustrated with granny who lies about being a Trump supporter
15Donald Trump mini-comb
16Does Donald Trump lick Oreos too?
17Does Trump sit down when on the toilet?
18Trump is afraid of coasters
19How to invite Trump for waffles?
20Has Trump ever worn jeans?

Dom Joseph, CEO and Co-Founder of Captify said: “Our data highlights that people, thanks to online search, have complete freedom to ask questions that they would probably never dream of asking another person, but which are actually of huge interest to them. This shows the true power of Search Intelligence, which can provide a more accurate view of what people are really looking at online as what people type into a search bar comes from a very honest place.”

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