“Pathetic” George Galloway launches legal challenge after losing Bradford West seat

Galloway claims postal voting fraud affected outcome

Respect leader and former MP George Galloway has launched a legal bid to have the results of the election result in Bradford West overturned after he lost by more than 11,000 votes.

Galloway lost to Labour’s candidate Naz Shah, after a vicious campaign saw Galloway accuse Shah of lying about her marriage and family background.

Shah won 19,977 votes to Galloway’s 8,557.

Despite the scale of Shah’s victory, Galloway has not accepted the result. He tweeted: “We’ve begun legal proceedings seeking to have result of the [Bradford] West election set aside. I cannot therefore discuss my own election for now.”

He also claims to have uncovered “widespread malpractice” in the constituency during the election, including postal voting fraud.

In a statement yesterday, Galloway said: “It has come to my notice that there has been widespread malpractice in this election, particularly over postal voting.

“We are in the process of compiling the information which will form part of our petition to have the result set aside.”

Labour described Galloway’s legal challenge as “pathetic”.

A party spokesman said: “This is pathetic and without any foundation. George Galloway should accept he was booted out by the people of Bradford West. They saw through his divisive politics and made a positive choice, by a majority of well over 11,000, to elect a brilliant new MP, Naz Shah.”

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