Palace of Theftminster: £90,000 worth of goods stolen from parliament since 2010

The House of Parliament are patrolled by armed police and sniffer dogs 24x7 and yet over £90,000 worth of goods have been stolen from its buildings since 2010.

Items include everything from Rolex watches, iPads, laptops, cameras to champagne, an orchid, six boxes of mints and a dental mould.

The figures, revealed in response to a written parliamentary question from Tory MP, show that £11,500 worth of goods were stolen from the premises in 2014, up from £4,200 in 2013.

In 2012, things worth £17,500 were stolen. However, 2011 is the worst year in record since the coalition with £43,600 worth of stuff stolen.

Last year, Labour MP Dennis Skinner, 82, was left distressed after his 18-gear hybrid bike was stolen from the parliament.

He told the Daily Mail: “It was parked 20 yards from a police box - but they can’t keep an eye on my bike all day long.

“I have always cycled and then I had a heart bypass. I have always walked and so on and kept pretty fit,” he added.

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  • Anonymous

    After the thousands that the crooked MPs at Westminster have stolen from the taxpayer through fraudulent expense claims and flipping second homes, it's nice to see that someone's stealing some of it back.

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