Osborne’s embarrassing gaffe: Tory election poster features a German road

The Conservative Party has suffered embarrassment after it was revealed its “road to recovery” election poster is of a German road.

George Osborne had previously insisted the party had used a picture of a British road, telling Channel 4 News: “It’s a British picture, a British road.”

However, it’s been revealed the image was taken in 2008 by German photographer Alexander Burzik near his hometown of Weimar.

The picture has been heavily photoshopped, with the road’s cracks removed and the colouring changed (presumably to look more British?).


However, the Labour offering isn’t much better, relying on people’s memories of a five-year-old meme.

Cameron poster

The poster is a play on the Tories’ 2015 election campaign which became an internet sensation due to David Cameron’s heavily photoshopped face and the way users *ahem* amended the posters.

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