One Cameron Combo please! Chinese restaurant introduces David Cameron-inspired menu

A restaurant in China has been cashing in on David Cameron’s visit to the country by introducing a Cameron-themed menu.

Those expecting the Prime Minister’s favourite recipe, spicy sausage pasta, may be disappointed though, as the so-called “Cameron Combo” is a set menu of dishes the PM ate on the last night of his three day tour promoting British business.

While this may be underwhelming to us Brits, visitors are apparently flocking to Chengdu’s Xiang Tian Xia restaurant to get a taste of the 888-yuan (£89) banquet.

After reportedly shunning pigs brains and rabbit kidneys, Cameron settled on coriander meatballs, local mushrooms and spicy Sichuan classics.

For those with the extra cash to spend, guests at the restaurant can also pay extra for the “Cameron Room” – the room where the PM and his fellow diners sat, which is already fully booked for the rest of the year – and can even be served by the same waitress.

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