No kidding! Comedian Eddie Izzard declares he will stand for London mayor in 2020

We already have quite an entertaining Mayor who never fails to amuse crowds - be it hanging from a zipwire or dad dancing to Spice Girls.

But in 2020, we might see even more entertaining contenders in the mayoral race.

At the Labour Party conference in Brighton yesterday, stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard confirmed that he will run for London Mayor in 2020.

His announcement was met with wild cheers from the crowd.

It’s not clear why Izzard doesn’t plan to stand in the 2016 elections and he’s expected to be questioned over it.

Labour’s other potential mayoral candidates include Tessa Jowell, Sadiq Khan and David Lammy.

Speaking about Izzard’s appointment, Jowell said: “Eddie is a man of enormous substance, generosity and conviction.

“His decision to do this is a vote of confidence in Labour.”

Last week London MP Khan also hinted at standing for Mayor saying: “If the ball came loose at the edge of the box and I thought I had the best chance of scoring a goal I’d probably shoot.”

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