Nigel Farage reckons children of immigrants shouldn’t be allowed to go to school for five years

UKIP leader causes a stir (again)

This week’s UKIP controversy has arrived fresh into our inboxes on Monday morning, which means we’re hopefully done with it for the week

Nigel Farage has said children of immigrants shouldn’t be allowed to go to school for five years, unless their parents pay for it privately.

This was his personal view and not a manifesto pledge, he added, but it is something that could hook voters who think immigrants are unfairly being educated and treated by healthcare workers with British tax funds.

Farage also said people shouldn’t be able to bring their children to the UK with them when they arrive.

He said: “Basically, people would bring dependants, not immediately. They would bring them after a period of time.

“I think the most important thing is that those that come do have healthcare. That’s really, really important, and on the life-threatening disease stuff, that’s perfectly clear … The dependants thing is much more difficult. But I wouldn’t foresee people coming into Britain immediately being allowed to bring children to go through the state system. Except for very high earners, it wouldn’t be very relevant.”


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Readers' comments (6)

  • silly Farage, and who is going to pay for all this?
    Personally I think the major problem is people entering the country without speaking the language else I really do not understand what is his problems, unless of course reviving business arena is not part of his policies, more business... more work for everybody. After all many British people do work abroad, or does he think national then should be returned to the UK?

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  • the wholebusiness of allowing dependants has increased problems with schools and NHS. UK is attractive not only for its job opportunities, but also because English is the second language of many europeans and immigrants from elsewhere. Many of these are relatively low-skilled, or employed in low-skill jobs, if at all. UK ex-pats working abroad are generally high-skilled, and working in an English language environment, apart from the elderly retiring to the sun, who are mostly self-supporting.

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  • Anonymous

    Sounds extreme! However, I would have got the school place I'd wanted if this had been policy. Too many other Catholics from Europe had arrived. It is not all about money. Quality of life is never mentioned such as not having to build a city the size of Manchester to accommodate new arrivals (ex pats and migrants/immigrants) as is the case currently.

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  • Why do you say this is a "controversy"? But then that is your attitude to any item that isn't toeing the PC line. Surely, we need these matters to be raised so that we can debate such issues openly and rationally - or are we still limited by the PC-brigade in what subjects are available for discussion?

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  • This is simple racism and xenophobia. And it ignores the fact that immigrants are net contributors to the UK tax system. They pay their taxes, so they should enjoy the same benefits as the rest of us.

    People who rant on about "the PC-brigade" really mean that they support these extreme racist views. It's not a question of political correctness, it's about remembering the Nazis. Weren't we supposed to learn from history?

    Fortunately, the majority of us do not agree with this blatant racism, which will become clear at the ballot box in May.

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  • That's right, Murray - close down all rational discussion by branding everyone who wants to engage in rational debate as xenophobic racists!
    Well, it won't work - more and more people in this country will refuse to be bullied into silence and acquiescence by such abuse
    And by the way, I don't think you could find someone less racist than I am - I am truly colour-blind; I judge people by their actions and attitudes not by their colour, creed or whatever

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