Nigel Farage hits back at Nick Clegg for calling him lazy

UKIP leader Nigel Farage was in Nick Clegg’s crosshairs this week as the Liberal Democrat leader suggested that Farage and his MEPs are lazy and ineffective.

In a speech today, ahead of elections in Brussels,  Clegg said that UKIP MEPs are happy to claim generous tax-payer funded salaries but are not bothering to turn up to vote.

Clegg said: “Nigel Farage and deputy leader Paul Nuttall rarely turn up to vote in the European Parliament, despite being happy to take their tax-payer-funded salaries.

“Ukip MEPs refuse to roll up their sleeves and get down to work. Nigel Farage hasn’t tabled a single amendment to EU legislation since July 2009.”

Farage hit back at Clegg on Radio 4’s Today programme, describing the Deputy Prime Minister as a hypocrite.

Farage said: Well both our voting records are about 50 per cent but we are leader and deputy leader of a national party in the United Kingdom. Nick Clegg himself, who actually lives in London, has only himself voted in 22% of votes in this parliament. So I think it’s a rather hypocritical line of attack.”

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  • There are no areas of British life that have not
    been destroyed by the successive Labour governments since 70s. Education,Opportunity,Pensions,NHS.
    Morality.too mention a few. Scandal follows
    them whatever they touch.

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