Nigel Farage aiming to win first UKIP seat in Commons

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has confirmed that he is targeting the constituency of South Thanet in Kent with the aim of becoming UKIP’s first MP in next year’s general election.

The seat is currently held by the Conservative’s Laura Sandys, but she has decided to stand down due to “family demands”, leaving a relatively clear path for the UKIP leader.

Farage contested the seat at the 2005 election, but won just 5% of the vote. Since then the rise in popularity of UKIP and Farage’s media coverage means he is now a well-recognised face and will likely be the most famous contender for the seat.

A poll organised by the Conservative Lord Ashrcroft has indicated that UKIP are leading the pack in the constituency, with 32% support compared with 30% who support the Tory candidate (and indeed, former UKIP leader) Craig McKinlay. Meanwhile Labour received support from 27% and that could go up if the vote is split on the right.

Farage himself is confident of a UKIP win.

During a television interview today for ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Farage said: “In all of life if you succeed you get the laurels and the champagne and if you fail you get booted out. That applies to Ed Miliband, to David Cameron, to Nick Clegg and to me. 

“If we fail next year, the party will pick someone better than me. But we won’t.”

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