Nick Clegg could lose his seat at the next general election – here’s how

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg is conversely both the most successful and least successful Lib Dem leader.

He led his party to victory in the 2010 general election, negotiating a coalition deal with David Cameron to become deputy prime minister. But he’s also presided over the Lib Dems’ biggest loss of support in the party’s history.

Part of this downturn is due to just one broken promise – the promise that if the Lib Dems were in power they wouldn’t allow an increase in tuition fees.

Unfortunately for Clegg, it seems students, who were previously more likely to vote Lib Dem than any other party, didn’t take kindly to being saddled with thousands of pounds worth of debt.

A study by an Oxford University professor into student voting intentions found, not only have the Lib Dems dropped to third place behind Labour and the Tories among students, but Clegg is also in danger of losing his seat.

The report, for the Higher Education Policy Institute, said the make-up of Clegg’s constituency could be his downfall:

“It not only has a significant student population but also the highest proportion (43%) of its employees working in public-service jobs in health, education, social work and public administration.

“Many of these work in higher education and public service workers generally have been affected by austerity measures. So despite a large majority at the last election, even Nick Clegg’s seat may not be safe.”

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Readers' comments (1)

  • Hang on a minute ....

    "... led his party to victory in the 2010 General Election ..."

    Since when did polling the least seats of the main three parties constitute a "victory"? The LibDems success was only due to there being a hung parliament - hardly anything to do with them - they lost 5 seats! They were just lucky to be the party holding the balance of power.

    And their "biggest loss of support in the party’s history" is not just about tuition fees. It's about their willingness to snuggle up to the Tories, very unpopular with your average LibDem.

    Nick Clegg will go down in history as the man who sold out the Lib Dems for his own vanity. Nobody will ever think of his tenure as party leader as a success.

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