NHS trumps immigration for first time as top concern for voters

But the government doesn’t want to talk about it. Here’s why

David Cameron yesterday set out six clear issues on which the Tories will fight their election campaign.

All six are closely related to the economy – the issue on which the Conservatives are confident they have a clear edge over the competition.

They are: tackling the deficit, lowering taxes, jobs, education, home ownership and pensions.

The party has also unveiled a suitably austere new slogan to partner their economic charge into battle: “A Britain Living Within Its Means”. So nice and jolly then.

With the economy as the area in which the Conservative party wants to take the fight, the key aim will likely be to make the Labour party appear as profligate innumerates.

But having this single focus will mean that the Tories could be seen as turning away from the issues the electorate are most concerned about.

A new Comres/ITV poll has revealed that concerns about the NHS may now have overtaken worries about immigration as the leading issue for voters.

Comres said: “Half of Britons (50%) now list the NHS as one of their top three priorities, up by 11 percentage points from 39% last month. Immigration is a top three concern for 46% of the public, down from 49% in December (and from 52% in September).” 

Meanwhile, the Labour party will be keen to take-on the NHS as an issue, as considerably more voters are confident that Labour will handle the NHS best, according to a YouGov poll this month.

Which party will handle the NHS best?

However, Labour leader Ed Miliband has come under fire from Cameron after it was reported that Miliband said he planned to win votes by “weaponising the NHS”.

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Readers' comments (3)

  • Very straightforward this one
    NHS has been in the news since xmas.
    Immigration is having a break from the news but will be back soon ...folks !
    everything is media related...

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  • I'm not surprised Cameron doesn't want to talk about the NHS. The Tories are systematically and deliberately destroying it, so that healthcare can be carved up and handed out to their donors.

    Hopefully, his strategy will backfire and the Tories will be throw out of power. That will be the best news the NHS has had in years.

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  • Anonymous

    The dramatic rise in A&E attendance this year over last must be partly a fall-out of very high immigration (and extra births to them). This complements the dramatic rise in the number of school places and teachers wanted, houses needed and so on. The NHS moving up the agenda is at the expense of immigration because Labour has the better PR machine while none of the main parties want to mention immigration - the elephant in the room.

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