Nazi stag MP Aidan Burley “caused deep offence”, investigation finds

Aidan Burley, Conservative MP for Cannock Chase, “caused deep offence”, by hiring a Nazi uniform for a Nazi themed stag party, an internal investigation by the Conservative party has found.

Burley bought the uniform for the groom to wear to a meal at a restaurant on the last night of the stag trip to French skiing resort Val Thorens.

He was sacked as a ministerial aide after news of the stag-do came to light.

The Conservative’s report, which was delayed while the authorities in France considered legal action, found that Burley was “not a bad man”, but had acted in an “unacceptable” way.   

After the meal, the groom’s brother gave a Nazi themed toast, and the groom later gave a Nazi salute when prompted by a Mail on Sunday journalist present at the restaurant, the report said.

Attendees are also reported to have chanted the names of prominent Nazi figures.

The report said: “Mr Burley argued strongly that the choice of costume was inspired by the British comic association with aspects of the war. He categorically denies that there was any political motivation whatsoever.”

“We accept that there was no political motivation.”

But it added: “We conclude that he did not make his offence explicitly clear. Given the standards expected of a Member of Parliament, he should have done so.

“It was appropriate for him to be sacked and reprimanded as recognition of the offence that he has caused as a Conservative Member of Parliament.

“His actions were stupid and offensive, and the conclusions and recommendations reflect that.”

Prior to losing his ministerial role, Oxford-educated Burley had been marked out by number 10 as one of the most impressive Tories elected in 2010. The groom, Mark Fournier, a friend of Burley’s from Oxford, was fined $1,500 (£1,230) by a French court for “wearing a uniform or insignia of an organisation guilty of crimes against humanity”.

Burley publicly apologised for his behaviour and sought to make amends, including visiting the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz.

According to the BBC, Labour MP Ian Austin said: “They shouldn’t be brushing it under the carpet. They should be removing the whip and kicking him out.”

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