Most MPs think they are underpaid, says survey

Most Parliamentarians think they are underpaid and should be paid nearly £20,000 more per year, bring their salaries to over £85,000.

This comes from a report and survey of parliamentarians titled Reviewing MP’s Pay and Pensions released today by the parliamentary expenses body, IPSA. The poll found that 69% of those questioned said they should have an average salary of £86,250. MPs are currently paid a standard £65,738

Some MPs (12% of those questioned) have suggested they should be paid between £95,001- £100,000, while 8% say they should get over £100,000.

Out of all the MPs questioned, Tories said they should get on average £96,740.78, Lib Dems £78,361.42 and Labour £77,322.60.

Unlike public sector colleagues who have had their pay frozen, 27% of MPs said they didn’t believe they should be subjected to a freeze. IPSA also rejected the idea of bringing in performance-related pay for MPs.

Matthew Sinclair, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, told

“Hiking politician’s wages at a time of pay freezes, benefit caps and necessary spending cuts would be completely unpalatable to taxpayers. To do so would suggest that there is one rule for MPs and another for the rest of the country. There is zero appetite for a pay rise for MPs as borne out by the polling of the public commissioned by IPSA. Most people clearly think that an MP’s salary is currently about right.”


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