Millionaire Myleene Klass is mocked by Twitter after calling mansion tax “disturbing” in bizarre TV debate with Ed Miliband

This morning’s newspapers seem to have sided with pop star Myleene Klass in her debate with Ed Miliband last night over the mansion tax.

And to be fair, Klass, who reportedly made £11m in 2013, absolutely bulldozed the Labour leader during the debate.

After getting over the horror of a television star debating tax policy with the potential future prime minister, viewers of ITV’s The Agenda were treated to arguments such as “You can’t just point at things and tax them.”

(Actually, that’s sort of what a prime minister does, Myleene.)

As time went on, Miliband, who was struggling to make any kind of coherent argument, just appeared to die inside.

We captured the exact moment.

Ed Miliband died inside

The Milibrain: “Why did I agree to this?”

She might have won the debate according to the papers, but Twitter went to town on Klass during and after the programme.

Here are some of the best tweets.


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Readers' comments (5)

  • Anonymous



    1) It won’t raise £1.2b. Labour have mistakenly calculated as if the tax will be within a vacuum. £1.2b is the estimated GROSS PROFIT. The NET PROFIT will be much less due to the following resultant revenue losses:

    A) The number of £2m+ properties will reduce because they will:
    i) Be undersold at £1,999,999
    ii) Be split up into multiple less-than-£2m properties
    iii) Be divided into multi-tenure leasehold /freehold titles, with each title worth less than £2m
    iv) Become shared ownership, with different family members owning different parts of the property, with each share worth less than £2m

    B) The admin costs associated with operating the tax

    C) The loss of revenue due to leakage of Stamp Duty, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax

    2) £1.2b is not enough to make much difference to the NHS. Last year’s NHS bill was £95b and the shortfall £30b


    It’ll affect too many of the wrong people and not enough of the super-rich, because:

    1) 96% of properties affected are in London & Southeast. It’s akin to a tax on these areas, as opposed to equally across the UK; and is thereby discriminatory.

    2) Most properties affected aren’t mansions but either flats (38%) or terraced houses (36%)

    3) Many who own in a £2m+ property have already paid their fair share in taxes; in fact up to 70% of their family’s income as INCOME TAX, STAMP DUTY and IHT. And possibly VAT and CGT too! Someone may own £2m, but if they earned £6.7m and paid £4.7m in taxes, leaving only 30% left, they’ve already paid their fair share.

    4) Many living in £2m+ homes are cash-poor asset-rich. They may be comparatively rich, but they are NOT the super-rich. The proposed deferral of payment equates to a huge rise in STAMP DUTY and IHT. If they can’t afford to pay then they’re clearly NOT the super-rich so shouldn’t have to pay it!

    5) MORTGAGES aren’t taken into account. Someone who owns a £2.5m property with £700K mortgage and £1.8m net equity not only has to pay the tax, but also pay the same amount as someone owning a £2.5m property outright.

    6) There will be too many innocent casualties. E.g. A family I know purchased a house for £2m+ with a mortgage and spent a huge sum converting it to disabled-friendly for their paraplegic daughter. They will have to sell the house making a huge loss; and as a result they will have to sack the daughter’s carer and won’t be able to pay her future hospital bills.

    7) Middle-class families living in a £2m+ property will have to pay the tax if they earn £42K+. Most have mortgages and have to work hard to be able to pay their bills. They are not the super-rich and won’t be able to afford to pay the tax.

    8) Too many of the super-rich won’t be affected. Wealth tax shouldn’t be selective and only target properties. It’s unfair to tax only those who have (wisely) chosen to invest their wealth in property and not others who’ve invested theirs in other assets. E.g.:

    A) A guy I know owns £20m in luxury cars, a £8m private jet, a £2.1m helicopter, £20m in paintings, and a £1.9m house in the UK (plus other properties are outside the UK) totalling £52 million; and yet he won’t have to pay.

    B) Someone owning 100 properties valued £1m each, total £100m, won’t have to pay either.

    But someone who owns one £2m property would.


    1) It’s so unfair that the super-rich will avoid paying via many plausible avoidance methods. Many will move their wealth, their businesses and themselves out of the UK. As a result, the UK's economy will nose-dive.

    2) When INHERITANCE TAX was introduced it was promised it would affect only the rich, but now the average person pays it; and so will the same happen with Mansion Tax. It’s just a matter of time.


    Lord Winston, a Labour peer, has said: “It makes it extremely difficult to raise charitable donations. Because [those liable to pay the mansion tax] will start refusing one of the most important areas of [charity] giving, legacy gifts… That will affect charities like Cancer Research UK, which relies on legacy gifts” (which are in fact its primary source of income).

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg regards why Labour's mansion tax is a terrible idea!

    The bottom line is that it will be predominantly MIDDLE-INCOME FAMILIES and INNOCENT VICTIMS who get clobbered by the Mansion Tax, while far too many of the super-rich get off scot-free.

    IMO what's really needed here is to scrap the ludicrous Mansion Tax and both clamp down and close loop-holes regards tax avoidance by the super-rich, and carry out a much needed and long overdue comprehensive review of the COUNCIL TAX system.

    Rant over! ;-D

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  • Absolutely. But he's also omitted that there will be arguments about whether just under/just over the threshold, with properties having to be re-valued, appeals against valuations either way, legal bills etc-reducing the net take even further. This is nothing but the politics of envy- Labour's only message after the mess they left last time, and the even greater disaster that will take place if they get in again..

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  • What a joke, all these people having a go at Myleen, we should be saying thank you for her showing that Milliband is totally unable to hold a conversation, let alone RUN A Country.So what if she has a mansion, is that such a crime for someone who works hard to benefit from it where does Milliband live? Get rid of him and his ideas ASAP.

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  • Anonymous

    Is this comments section just for millionaire Londoners bleating about how they will have to pay a bit of tax, or can anyone join in?

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  • Well, she doesn't really debate the issue with him, just talks over him at every opportunity and doesn't let him answer any of the questions she asks.

    At one point, she seems to think that he is arguing in favour of the Bedroom Tax and argues against him. Just how thick is she?

    So, Derek S, Milliband actually does quite a good job of remaining polite while he is hectored from the side by a taletnless reality TV product who is too stupid to understand the issues.

    Nobody is suggesting that she shouldn't be allowed to own a mansion. Just that she should pay more tax.

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