Martin Freeman, Daniel Radcliffe and Lily Allen - meet the ce-Labour-ities

Here are Ed Miliband’s not-so-secret weapons

Recently, a few high profile celebrities said they were planning to vote Labour. Here’s a roundup:

Martin Freeman

One of the biggest actors in the world at the moment, having starred in The Office, The Hobbit, Sherlock and the TV adaptation of Fargo, tweeted “f*** the Tories” after he starred in an election broadcast for Labour.

Here it is:

His wife, well known actor Amanda Abbington also tweeted her support for Freeman and the party.

David Tennant

If you watched Martin Freeman’s Labour video, you might notice a familiar Scottish voice at the end which belongs to Broadchurch and Dr Who actor David Tennant who is another high profile supporter of the Labour party.

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe

The Harry Potter actor recently revealed the Lib Dems had lost his support, saying he would vote for Labour. He told Attitude magazine: “I really like him and he speaks for what I believe in. I think he’s genuine, genuinely left-wing, and will act as such if he gets in.”

Robert Webb

Peep Show star and half of comedy duo Mitchell and Web re-joined the Labour party in 2013 as a protest against Russell Brand telling young people not to vote. In an open letter to Brand, he said: “…if you want to be a nuisance to the people whom you most detest in public life, vote. And vote Labour.”

Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard has been one of Labour’s most vocal celebrity supporters. The comedian and marathon runner is expected to stand as an MP or London mayoral candidate for Labour next time around.

David Morrissey

David Morrissey

The TV actor who recently starred in the Walking Dead previously said: “I have always voted Labour. But I’m not afraid of criticising them, some of their decisions over the past 13 years I have not been in favour of.”

He added: “It’s the party that will protect the most vulnerable in our society.”

Philippa and Grayson Perry

Grayson and Philippa Perry

The Perrys are long-term supporters and donors of the Labour Party, with Grayson producing work for Labour’s gift shop.

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry

The comedian and TV host grew up a Tory supporter but drifted over to Labour. He’s written speeches for many former Labour leaders including Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and hosted the party’s fundraiser in the summer.

Nick Hewer

The “persistent Labour voter”, Apprentice and Countdown star said he was looking forward to “seeing Ed Miliband drag the party, kicking and screaming, back into government”.

Frank Skinner

Comedian Frank Skinner has always voted Labour. He told the Daily Express: “I think people who are well off should help people who aren’t.”

“I don’t want a return to that ruthless Thatcherite look-after-yourself type.”

Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith

Singer Paloma Faith told the Mirror in 2013: “I vote Labour and can’t begin to acknowledge anything good that comes from a Tory.”

Lily Allen

The singer is a Labour fan and Ed Miliband supporter who has been vocal about the coalition’s policies in her music.

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Jo Brand

Before finding success as a hugely popular comedian, Jo Brand was a psychiatric nurse for 10 years. A life-long Labour supporter, Brand said a Tory government would spell an end to the NHS.

“I think that might be the end of the NHS – which would be a travesty. The 2015 election will be about the NHS more than anything else,” she said.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

Cheryl’s family have always been Labour supporters. She told Q Magazine “it just feels wrong not to be” and described David Cameron as “slippery”.

Paul O’Grady

Scouse TV presenter Paul O’Grady has been fiercely critical of the coalition and revealed he was a Labour supporter last year.

Speaking to Ian Duncan Smith, he said: “Create more jobs and raise the basic wage. You’ll get people saying ‘why should I come off benefits to do that job and lose an extra £30-a-week and work myself to death 11 hours a day for it?’ So raise the basic wage.”

Alan Sugar

The Apprentice star is a Labour peer and has defended the party on a number of occasions.


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