Maria Miller scandal: rogue tweets, tax dodging allegations and resignation calls

  • DCMS Twitter account hacked

  • Tax dodging allegations levelled at Miller

  • 8 out of 10 voters said Miller should be sacked from cabinet post

If Culture Secretary Maria Miller thought her 30-second apology would put an end to the controversy surrounding her expenses, she was sadly mistaken.

Rogue tweets

Over the weekend, the Twitter account for the Department of Culture Media and Sport was hacked, with the cheeky hacker posting messages about the scandal.

DCMS tweets Maria Miller scandal

The first one read: “Seriously though guys which one of us hasn’t embezzled and cheated the taxpayer? #FreeMariaMiller.”

DCMS said it had “absolutely no idea” who was responsible for the rogue tweets. The department said it was investigating the hacking and, when asked by the BBC if staff had contacted the police, a spokeswoman said: “No, all I’ve done is change the password.”

Tax dodging allegations

Fresh allegations have emerged that Miller switched which property was dedicated her second home in order to avoid paying hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax.

Under parliamentary rules, MPs need to pay capital gains tax of 28% of the profits made on the sale of second homes. Miller made more than £1m on the Wimbledon property, but switched to declare it her main home just before these rules came in.

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The public want her out

Eight out of 10 voters thought Miller should lose her post in the cabinet, in a Survation poll for the Mail on Sunday.

More than two thirds of those questions also thought she should be sacked as an MP, something which is not yet possible as the government has not introduced the power of recall promised when it came into power in 2010.

What happened before all this?

If you’re not familiar with the scandal, we wrote a very brief summary in our article about the top Maria Miller expenses scandal reactions.


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