Maria Miller expenses scandal: the internet reacts

The internet has reacted to Maria Miller’s “apology” for claiming £45,000 of expenses she wasn’t entitled to.

If you’re not familiar with the scandal, the culture secretary has been forced to apologise and repay £5,800 of mortgage claims for her second home.

The so-called apology, which many found pretty unsatisfying to say the least considering it lasted just 31 seconds, has been the subject of much ridicule.

Here’s the best:

Ann Treneman, in the Times, said: “Her 32-second non-apology apology was so perfect, so empty, so totally void, that I can only conclude that it was something else entirely… There was not one ounce of ‘sorry’, scintilla of contrition, proton of penitence to be seen.”

The Guardian’s John Crace said Miller “gave the appearance she was doing everyone a huge favour by interrupting her lunch”. He added: “If Miller had spoken less formally, she could have got her statement down to a single word. ‘Whatever.’”

The Sun called for her to be fired, adding: “Mrs Miller is the minister who opposes the Press policing itself in a new beefed-up complaints system. Yet she has no problem being judged by HER peers. Funny, that.”



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  • How a minister can stay in office when she purportedly made £1.5 million on a property where she claimed £90,000 of taxpayer’s funds and was made to pay back a measly £5,800, smacks at cronyism and a law for politicians and a law for the people. With the parliamentary committee (no matter whether they were independent members or not) exonerating her, things haven’t really changed now have they Mr. Cameron? I am not a misogynist either Prime Minister making these comments, just someone who unlike politicians, knows what’s right and what is wrong (my working-class parents brought me up that way and clearly others who should know better, do not).

    Indeed the establishment has never really changed their mind-set and it is no wonder that democracy has died a death in reality in the UK when one considers the people are now just mere pawns in the political game of self-interest and personal fortune at the expense of the British people.

    Dr. David Hill
    World Innovation Foundation

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  • Anonymous

    Incisive and profound. Thank you Dr David.

    I believe there is hope though. The UK is one of the oldest democracies in the world. We have had a long history of villains and the greedy stealing from the populus. As we have moved from fiefdom to elected Government , we will further evolve away from this low point of uber-avarice.

    For a long time , we have suffered the damage that the greedy and corrupt banking institutions have done to businesses, families and individuals. We see now ,though , new types of financial providers appearing to eventually relegate the former to the dustbin.

    In the same way , the politics of the UK will be transacted away for the career politicians and their self-serving and corrupt hypocrisy.

    We are seeing that in the form of powerful electorate-driven lobbying bodies (eg 38 Degrees) and the power of social media (eg the rapid resignation of the Firefox CEO over his bigotry) .

    I am sure we are already moving to Government by the populus and away from centralist manipulation and spin.

    Technology (whilst open to corruption too) provides far too strong a light , to allow the corrupt to hide in the shadows. I believe , the increasing connectedness and robustness of the digital world will provide the basis of a profound change within the next ten or so years ...

    In the meantime , everyone should play the media at its own game . The media is wholly carnivorous and will devour its 'sacred cows' for a good 'Press story' .

    We should all take resposibility to use it to highlight corruption . We should feed the media to push forward alternative political groups to disturb and disassembe the Status Quo whenever we can. As long as the electorate guard against extremism , 'new blood' in the political world can only be a good thing.

    May be I am over optimistic , but I sense the sun will show its face from behind the dark clouds we have all suffered these past twenty years.

    Rod (Southampton)

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