Lord Sugar calls Daily Mail editor a “vindictive tyrant” in House of Lords

Lord Sugar, the Labour peer, has described the Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre as a “vindictive tyrant”, and said that the paper had “gone too far” with its attack on Labour leader Ed Miliband’s dead father Ralph.

Speaking in the House of Lords on Tuesday night, Lord Sugar unleashed a tirade against the Mail and said it was “further evidence why newspapers can’t be trusted to regulate themselves”.

“The attack is a kind of final straw where the tyrant Paul Dacre, the editor of the Daily Mail, has gone too far this time. And my Lords, it is about time all parties join again and demand of shareholders and owners of the Daily Mail to remove this nasty man. He is not fit or a proper person to be an editor of a national newspaper,” Lord Sugar said.

“The culture he has created at the Daily Mail has attracted the nastiest bunch of vindictive, arrogant and some would say racist people who call themselves journalists.”

He added: “It is about time parliament showed some unity and flexed its muscles to deal with these nasty people once and for all. We have to stand up to these bullies, too many people have held back in the past. If one dares to criticise the Daily Mail they will get paid back by being attacked even more. There is no fair system of redress when it comes to them.”

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  • Of course what Lord Sugar hates is that a newspaper is more influential than he is.

    He expects everyone, and that incudes newspaper editors, to kowtow to him and show suitable deference.

    Ralph Milliband was given sanctuary by this country and then spent the rest of his life attacking our institutions and way of life via his foul Marxist outpourings.

    I'm not a Daily Mail reader, but they were absolutely right.

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  • I totally agree with AN. If anything, this outburst by Sugar calls into question his politics - since he is a socialist. It also underlines the fact that you can be totally intolerant when you are the type of person that Sugar is but NOT when you are opposed to his view. The man is as much a racist (I detest the word but he used it) as any that he denounces as such.

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