Lord Ashcroft: Cameron took drugs, and put a “private part” into a dead pig’s mouth

April fool! Oh wait.

Conservative donor and peer, Lord Ashcroft, has released an unofficial biography of David Cameron making a series of outrageous claims about the prime minister, including a description of how the prime minister put “a private part” into a pig’s head during a dinner club initiation ritual.

The implausible claim indicates the huge enmity between the government and Lord Ashcroft, who, it is believed, is angry the prime minister did not honour a promise to give him a significant job after the election.

The book, which is being serialised in the Daily Mail, gives Cameron’s credentials a thorough beating.

Ashcroft claims that Cameron knew of his (Ashcroft’s) non-dom status as long ago as 2009, despite claiming he’d only known about it for one month, when a row escalated in 2010 just ahead of the election.

He also alleges that the prime minister used to smoke cannabis at university, and was nearly expelled from Eton after being “busted” taking the drug. Ashcroft, who penned the biography with journalist Isabel Oakeshott, goes on to say that MPs they spoke to had been told Cameron had been seen taking cocaine by Ed Miliband’s former spin doctor Tom Baldwin.

But it is the claims about the pig that are truly astonishing.

Ashcroft claims that the source of the story is “a distinguished Oxford contemporary” of Cameron’s, who “is himself an MP”, and claims to have seen photographic evidence of the act.

As part of the Piers Gaveston dining society initiation ritual, “the future PM inserted a private part of his anatomy into the animal’s mouth”, Ashcroft and Oakeshott write.

Cameron is yet to respond to the claims, though a spokesperson for Downing Street said it did not recognise the claims.

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Readers' comments (1)

  • That Cameron may or may not have put a private part in a dead pig's mouth (H&S may have requested that the pig be dead) as part of an "initiation ritual” is not something THAT major.
    I wonder, however, whether when saying that we are all in it together Cameron may be referring to the pig’s mouth
    Still, an initiation ritual in a private environment is an initiation ritual in a private environment and many people get to do many stranger things in such situations.
    Also, to my knowledge there is nothing wrong or illegal about putting things in a dead pig’s mouth. (Check with RSPCA if you wish)
    I really don’t understand why the reporter makes such a fuss about it but I suspect that narrow-mindedness or a prurient sex obsession may have something to do with it.

    I just wonder whether when Cameron is saying that “we are all in it together”, he is referring to the pig …

    That Cameron was almost expelled from Uni for repeatedly taking cannabis… oh, well, especially when he was in Uni…. I suspect that people did far worse and got away with it, as those were the times, especially for those in the Universities that our leaders went to
    But I am incensed to read that he also took cocaine, Class A, illegal, and many people knew about it and still he does not have a criminal record, even though he is not Kate Moss

    Well, yes, we might all be in it together, but some much deeper then others… and from a pig’s perspective, some of us just about to come out from the other end of the pig.

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