Lib Dem manifesto: Clegg asks who you’d prefer as deputy PM – him, Salmond or Farage?

Can the Lib Dems claw back any voters?

The Lib Dems today launch their 2015 manifesto, which at a hefty 160 pages long, is a document that is remarkably weighty for a party with dwindling support. It’s almost double the Tories 82 pages and Labour’s 86-page manifestos launched earlier this week.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Clegg told the Guardian: “Since neither David Cameron or Ed Miliband are going to walk into Downing Street on their own, who is it the voters want at their side”.

“Do you want David Cameron, accompanied by Nigel Farage, dancing to the tune of swivel-eyed rightwing backbenchers, or do you want a hapless Labour minority administration dancing to the tune of Alex Salmond?”

The manifesto urges voters to give the party another shot at forming a coalition government, and features five key policies designed to promote a message of “opportunity”.

These are:

 - Extra spending on education, raising the education budget for two to 19 year-olds by £2.5bn to £55bn by 2020

 - “Fair taxes”, involving cutting taxes by £400 by raising the personal allowance to £12,500 a year

 - Protecting the environment, including a goal of driving recycling to 70% of household waste

 - Investing £8bn in the NHS

 - Pledging to balance the budget and build a “high-skill, low-carbon economy”

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  • Michael Smith

    Good headline. Given the choice of those three I'd have to take Clegg. UKIP have only one policy. SNP only want to leave the UK. It would be a nightmare.

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