Labour Party forced to defend (admittedly funny) video

A year before the general election and we’re now entering election broadcast season. It’s the time nobody looks forward to – a parade of men in suits looking earnestly into the camera and making a whole host of promises they don’t intend to keep.

But things look set to change after the arrival of a whole new type of election broadcast.

Douglas Alexander MP, Labour’s election co-ordinator, appeared on the Sunday Politics yesterday defending his party’s latest campaign video – a broadcast which was labelled “a smear” by host Andrew Neil.

The video pokes fun at Nick Clegg’s role in the coalition, as well as the Conservatives’ policies during the last four years.

Alexander called it a “factual critique” but the Tories said it showed Labour had no economic plan, according to the BBC.

YouTube commenters from both sides of the political spectrum have called it “hilarious” and “well crafted”, with one person saying it was “the funniest political ad I’ve ever seen”. What do you think?

Here’s the video – we have to admit, it is pretty entertaining:

Well played Labour Party communications team.

Your move Tories.


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