Labour candidate donations revealed: Burnham's £132,000 vs Corbyn's £0

The Labour Party leadership candidate with the least cash is the most popular

Andy Burnham is leading the campaign funding race, with £132,000 in donations, according to a Guido Fawkes investigation.

Meanwhile, the party’s underdog-turned-frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn has received nothing in declarable donations.

Here’s the full list:

  • Andy Burnham - £132,000
  • Yvette Cooper - £82,000
  • Liz Kendall - £36,000
  • Jeremy Corbyn - £0

It’s not that Corbyn hasn’t received any money at all – it’s just that none of his donations are over the threshold the party has chosen to declare donations.

Corbyn won the support of Unite, the UK’s largest union, but it seems the cheque hasn’t arrived yet.



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