Labour aides scheming to oust Cameron by Friday

Does Labour have more options for coalition than the Tories?

Polls have steadily forecast a hung parliament after the polls close tonight. But which parties will make up the next government?

According to the Telegraph, Ed Miliband’s team are plotting to have David Cameron out of Number 10 as early as tomorrow.

Senior aides are reportedly poring over the Cabinet Manual – effectively the rule book to forming governments – with a view to getting Cameron out of the door if he cannot muster enough support to have a Queen’s speech ratified.

Miliband is thought to have more leverage in negotiations than Cameron, with the Labour leader able to hit up the Lib Dems, the Greens and possibly the SNP for support.

Meanwhile, Cameron’s options are a tie in with UKIP, the DUP, or even another turn with the Lib Dems.

Despite the complexities of the inevitable negotiations, Labour believes it could have the next government sewn up by the weekend due to particular combinations of parties and elected MPs making a smaller number of options available.

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