Julian Assange pledges to release millions more Wikileaks documents

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange addressed supporters at the Ecuadorian Embassy in Knightsbridge last night.

In the speech, timed to coincide with the six-month anniversary of his stay in the embassy, the Australian national protested his innocence again, while pledging that in 2013, Wikileaks would publish millions of damming documents about “every single government in the world.”

He praised the jailed American solider Bradley Manning, who turned 25 this week, and has spent “25% of his life in jail without trial, more of the time in a cell, naked and without his glasses”.

Manning was arrested in 2010 on suspicion of leaking high-profile US diplomatic cables to Wikileaks. He is expected to finally stand trial in February next year.

Assange is also currently wanted for sex charges in Sweeden, with the British government agreeing to his extradition earlier this year. This prompted Assange to seek refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy, under the pretext his removal to Sweden would prompt his extradition to the US to face treason charges. The doors have remained guarded by supporters of the whistleblowing site ever since.

“It is from the revelations of truth that all else follows,” Assange said. “…Our civilization is only as strong as its ideas are true. When our buildings are erected by corruption, when their cement is cut with dirt, when pristine steel is replaced by scrap our buildings are not safe to live in.

“When our media is corrupt, when our academics are timid, when our history is filled with half-truths and lies, our civilization will never be just, it will never reach for the skies,” he told over 100 supporters gathered outside the small embassy near Harrods.

For now, Ecuador has remained firm, pledging to protect Assange despite some calls from US lawmakers to enact sanctions against the small South American country, but the British have vowed to arrest him should he step outside the embassy confines.

Earlier this year Assage announced his intention to run for the Australian Senate in 2013, and insists that he will be eligible for election despite his captivity.

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