Joey Barton forced to apologise over "sexist" Question Time comments

Despite trying to appear well-informed on last night’s BBC Question Time, Joey Barton was forced to apologise after his inner footballer got the better of him.

The millionaire QPR player compared the mainstream political parties to “ugly girls”, saying UKIP was the best of a bad bunch.

“If I’m somewhere and there was four really ugly girls I’m thinking, well, she’s not the worst. That’s all you are,” he said.

Barton was accused of sexism by an audience member after making the comments and apologised.

He said: “I apologise. I couldn’t think of a better one. It’s my first time. Maybe I was a little bit nervous.”

He later tweeted that he “may have upset one or two women”.

Oh Joey, you’re not in the dressing room now.

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Readers' comments (5)

  • The guy is a footballer, and if the BBC don't want to get burned, perhaps they shouldn't play with fire!

    I suppose it does make a change from the politically-correct, middle class, lefty liberals we often see during Question Time

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  • Not really sexist, he was using a simile to show his lack of choice. A female could have said it was like looking at a group of four fat bald men and deciding on who was the most handsome.

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  • Anonymous

    Britain is becoming a very scary place where voicing an opinion about anyone or anything gets people pilloried in the press. It is starting to resemble Orwell's '2 minute Hate' where people stand up and scream abuse at anyone who doesn't share their collective state approved view. I've never heard the word 'racist' more abused and twisted than in the past 30 days - and for nothing more than political gain. As an immigrant, I would say - spend a few days down in Alabama and then you see what real racism looks like. Soon everyone will simply be afraid to speak and only the worst types of people will have won.

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  • Anonymous

    Re '2 minute Hate' . That is EXACTLY what we have with the current media.

    If you are not in the current group that is positively discriminated for (eg femaile, ethinic minorities . gay , transgender , moslem religion etc.) then the media machine hurls 'ists' around ... mysoginist , islamaphobist, racist , feminist , etc etc ..

    So now we have new PC fashions growing up , and I often hear someone proudly say 'I know a gay person' or I have Transgender freind' , or ...some of my best freinds are of xx religion ...' as if it is a badge of honour.

    OF COURSE you should not be biggotted , and of course it is a 24/7 fight to THINK before you speak about the assumptions you are making ... but this trend is deeply pathetic for an adult , thinking and emotionally mature human being .... it is also a VERY dangerous state of behaviour .... it is directly akin to most kinds of fundametalism , where differing views are not accepted ...

    The biggest offenders here of course are the deeply left wing media (read BBC , Sky , LBC, et al ) .... It is high time we used collective tactics and all agreed NOT to watch Question Time or switch off the radio on various programs.

    If no adverts are sold then this would invoke the law of Supply and Demand in that the Populus demands these kind of over over-reactive and completly biased political forays are kept oout of general viewing .

    After all ,if I want to see the the Russian point of view I simply watch RTS or the like.

    The answer is simple. Collective action and cease the monopoly that is the BBC Licence fee immediately.

    Rod (Southampton)

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  • Agreed. All it takes for one person to complain about a racist remark they think you've made and the police are at your door. It's all completely OTT. what happend to sticks and stones..? Get a life, all you lefties and PC types.

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