JK Rowling's terrific response to Murdoch's tweet blaming all Muslims for Charlie Hebdo deaths

Warning: this article contains cringeworthy tweets from Rupert Murdoch

Within 10 days of 2015, Rupert Murdoch has managed to anger swathes of people through his response to the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

On Saturday, the media baron tweeted that “most moslems” should be held responsible for the religion’s “growing jihadist cancer”.


Harry Potter author JK Rowling successfully put Murdoch in his place with a tweet that has been retweeted over 20,000 times.



Murdoch’s crass tweet also resulted in white and/or Australian men apologising for Murdoch, take a look at the tweets:






Now read:


Readers' comments (5)

  • Without bias either way - Really not one tweet in support of Murdoch, and not one against jk_rowling?

    If she was born a Christian then she also has a lot to be responsible for!

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  • He should have added and ''most preening, self-righteous, insufferable leftists'' too.

    He'd have been even more right. These people are given way too much shelter, succour and leeway by the so-called moderate, non-extremists in their community.

    What normally happens, in absolutely stomach turning fashion, after one of these horrendous and increasingly frequent events is ''normal Muslims'' coming out, paying perfunctory lip service about how they condemn the attacks, this isn't Islam, Islam is the religion of Peace, and then playing the victim and how they are getting tarred with the same brush, etc, etc. All done at the behest of creepy, disturbed leftist ideologues, who feast on occasions like this to show how ''tolerant and diverse'' (read: morally and intellectually superior to the reactionary, racist Right-Wing) they are.

    This article is pure smear and ad hom. No factual rebuttal. Just adolescent rhetorical jibes like the tweets in response.

    It's happening in their mosques, segregated scholls and communities right in front of them. And they pretend to be blind to it.

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  • Nobody is born christian or muslim.

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  • Anonymous

    "It's happening in their mosques, segregated scholls [sic] and communities right in front of them."

    Presumably you've got some evidence to support that wild accusation, John?

    Or are you just a bigoted, right-wing racist blowing off?

    29 Muslim organisations issued press releases condemning this violence. Have you read them anywhere? Of course not. The mainstream media have ignored them.

    Has it ever occurred to your pea-sized brain that when Muslims condemn the attacks and say that Islam is a peaceful religion, they may actually be telling the truth?

    Or would that mean you wouldn't be able to fling your racist filth in their direction any more?

    Did any of your handful of braincells light up at the possibility that when Muslims say they are being tarred with the same brush, as their mosques are attacked by thick-headed pogroms full of people too stupid to be able to tell the difference between an ordinary Muslim and a terrorist, that it might be true?

    Do you even know any Muslims? Or are you just peddling other people's racist nonsense that you heard in the pub?

    If you're an example of the "reactionary, racist Right Wing", which your post strongly suggests that you are, you ain't half making it easy for pretty much anybody to claim that they are "morally and intellectually superior".

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  • I do not understand why people think and call this group of serial killers 'muslim' I would call them 'Attila and the Huns' as their behaviour relates more to the old way to conquer for glorious killings than 'I shall not kill' which is a fundamental principle in any religion!

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