"It's not a mansion, honest guv": How rich is Ed Miliband?

Miliband argues £2.7m London home is not a mansion

Ed Miliband has got himself into a semantics argument. He says he does “not live in a mansion”, but admits that his north London home is worth between £2m and £3m, and he would therefore have to pay his party’s proposed ‘mansion tax’ if victorious in May.

The Daily Mail is outraged by Miliband’s refusal to accept that his house is a mansion.

“The claim comes despite revelations that his four-storey Victorian town house has two kitchens – including one for the family’s live-in nanny,” the paper says.

Does two kitchens and a nanny equal a mansion?

Well, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, a mansion, was “originally, the chief residence of a lord, the capital messuage of a manor, a manor house. Later, any large or stately residence”.

Speaking on Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show, Miliband was asked whether his four-storey home felt like a mansion.  He replied: “No, but look, that’s just the term that’s used.”

Whether it’s a mansion or not, anyone can see that he’s not doing too badly. But where else does Miliband make his money?

We take a look at the Labour leader’s assets:


Ed’s house, possibly mansion, in north London, has an estimated value of £2.7m, according to property website Zoopla.

This makes Miliband’s house worth more than any other party leaders’, and he would be the only leader to pay the proposed mansion tax, which would kick in at £2m.

Cameron’s west London house is estimated to be worth £1.9m, Clegg’s Putney pile is estimated at £1.89m, and Farage’s Kentish lair is worth an estimated £500,000. (Read: How rich is Nigel Farage?)

According to the Spectator, Miliband also has a house in his constituency in Doncaster.

Salary as MP

As leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband receives a salary of over £140,000. This is made up of the £67,060 salary all MPs receive, along with an extra dispensation of £73,617 as leader of the opposition. But could it go up soon? The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa), had recommended a pay rise for MPs commencing this month, however, when the decision was announced in September last year, several ministers spoke out against it, including Miliband,  Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg.

Perks above salary

A quick look at Miliband’s declared interests reveals that he isn’t getting much in the way of extra income or perks these days. It shows that he and his wife were upgraded on a British Airways flight, and that people do like to send him hampers. He had a hamper from the Sultan of Brunei earlier this year, and another from Harrods just before Christmas. He gave them both to charity. Stop sending Ed Miliband hampers. He doesn’t want them.

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  • No mention of Cameron's salary? Or his outside declared interests and perks? Balance please!

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  • Anonymous

    Is there a political party that's not led by a millionaire?

    How can any of these people possibly understand the lives of ordinary people?

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  • Anonymous

    It is the height of hypocrisy to propose a "mansion" tax on people who have one property, when Miliband himself has 2 (per The Spectator). If he wants to hit the rich it would be more appropriate to tax wealth, than to design specific taxes targeted at those who have all their wealth in their family home, rather than people like him who are multiple home-owning multimillionaires. He won't be paying a fair share of his wealth under his own proposals! What a surprise!

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