Independent Scotland would lose BBC, says culture secretary

Maria Miller, the culture secretary, has said that Scotland would lose the BBC if they vote for independence in September.

At a speech on Wednesday, Miller said that the BBC was “part of our crown jewels”, and that a vote for an independent Scotland was a vote to leave the institutions of the UK, and that included the BBC.

In a question and answer session after a speech at the Oxford Media Convention on Wednesday, Miller said: “We have to think what the vote is about. It’s about whether or not Scotland wants to remain as part of the UK,” said Miller.

“If the vote is no, they don’t want to do that, then it’s a vote to leave the institutions of the UK and the BBC is one of those institutions.”

The SNP has previously said that it would create a new Scottish broadcasting service, but hoped to retain the BBC1 and BBC2 television channels along with BBC radio stations.

In the past the Scottish government has said that by 2016, the BBC will receive £320m from Scottish licence fees, but will only spend £175m on Scottish services.

The SNP would use the full £320m for Scottish programming.

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  • Ian Middleton

    The main question not answered here though is would the BBC still be able to call itself the BRITISH broadcasting corporation?

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  • Britain can still call itself Britain if Scotland opts to leave...why not? I am pleased that in spite of Cameron acceding to almost every demand of Salmond, he is not going to have everything his way, including the BBC and more importantly, the use of our banking mechanisms. We should however, present him with a bill for the billions of pounds the British taxpayer have spent on keeping it afloat

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